Welcome to my project page!  Below you will find some of my recent work plus upcoming projects.  Please feel free to browse around and stay as long as you like.  Also, I would love it if you commented on anything you enjoyed.  Thank you for your time!

Introducing Pitch!

We are very excited to have had award winning journalist Sherry Mazzocchi write this great article about our show in the Bronx Free Press. Read it here:

Pitch newspaper 2Pitch newspaper 1Pitch newspaper 3







Pitch Synopsis

Pitch grew up in the mean streets of the South Bronx during the 70s and 80s.  All he ever wanted was to be a cop but his 5 foot stature made it hard to pass that physical!  As he puts it.  I couldn’t get over that damn wall!  So he became a PI.  A really good PI and he works in his father’s bodega in the South Bronx.  He’s know as the guy to call when something or someone goes missing.  But usually it’s only a lost cat or someone misplaced their car keys.  Lately however, he’s been getting into bigger cases because his best friend Johnny, who did become a cop, is now a local detective and knows Pitch has a knack for figuring out tougher cases.  Johnny bring him cases but his chief CAN NOT know about this!  It’s will be Johnny’s head on a platter.   Pitch and Johnny care about one another but they disagree a lot.  Mostly because Pitch is jealous that his bast friend is a cop who also happens to be very good looking.  Johnny resents Pitch because of his natural ability to solve crimes.  Sometimes Johnny won’t listen to Pitch because 99% of the time he’s right.  In the mix is a young lady who’s a school teacher.  Her name is Millie.  She moved from Illinois for a great job that she lost just after a year due to school cuts.  The only job she found was for a small Catholic school in the South Bronx.  She loves her job and befriends Pitch and sometimes goes with him on his crazy cases.  Her rather boring life is made somewhat exciting by Pitch’s antics but sometimes it’s a little too close to the edge.

Some cases are small and silly and some are deadly but all of them are fun and a great adventure.  We have many different characters in the show.  Some you’ll love and others you’ll love to hate.  Hope you get on board and join us for the ride.

This is a one minute snipler trailer that was in the challenge for New Media Film Festival and won 2nd place.

Pitch 1IMG_2549Pitch 8

1058 Southern Blvd 80s

 New series titled Write in Bayonne coming soon!!!

Starring Casey McDougal, David Guzzone, Maayan Schneider.  Director of Photography Pat Bohan and Matt Masiano.

It’s a story of a writer named Bobby who writes for the the local paper.  He was raised in the small town.  His great grandpa started the local paper 100 years ago.  He’s a great writer but focuses more on making sure the town merchants and residents stay in line and finds himself in many pickles.  His friend and local genius Jazz, decided she didn’t want to go study quantum physics and is working in her uncle’s deli.  She goes alone with Bobby’s antics simply because she’s bored and too smart for her own good but sometimes is gets too hairy even for Jazz.  Bobby is honest and tells it like it is in his weekly article. The town doesn’t like that too much and he gets upsets many of the towns people.  It’s a comedy with heart.  (Gag me now)  😉  I hope to bring you this project soon.  Thank you.  JHS

John Henry Soto a film maker born in New York City, recently moved his family to Bayonne.  His first impression with the small town was so surreal when he first arrived that he decided to create a show based on Bayonne.   The story goes as follows.  John was with his good friend driving a U-Haul truck into Bayonne while his family waited at the new home.  While entering Bayonne he pulled over to make sure he was headed in the right direction when suddenly his phone rings.  He’s looked at his phone and it read, CITY OF BAYONNE.  With a dumbfounded look he glanced over at his friend and said, “Bayonne is calling me!”  His friend quickly said, “Just answer it!!”  John thought maybe Bayonne had some type of GPS system implanted into all residence and he was the latest victim.  This sounded scary so he decided to answer the phone.  To his surprise the voice on the other end was the mayor of Bayonne Mark Smith!  John thought, am I in trouble?  No, he was definitely was not in trouble.  The mayor had graciously called John to welcome him to Bayonne and find out if he needed anything.  Wow!  Again with a dumb & dumber look on his face, John thanked the mayor for the call and explained how he just drove his moving truck into Bayonne when his call came in.  They both shared a laugh and talked about some of the opportunities that are available in Bayonne.  Turns out a few weeks earlier John wrote an email to the mayor’s office to let them know he will be part of the community soon and wanted to offer any assistance.  The mayor read the email and responded.   John can only say, “It was amazing for me to be called by the mayor of a town you’re moving into as you’re moving into it!  All my years living in New York City and moving the around the different boroughs, Bloomberg didn’t call me once!”  He laughs.

First teaser of the show!

Bayonne stills 8

Bayonne stills 6Bayonne stills 2  Bayonne stills 1

Newest project titled Write in Bayonne.

The Coffee List. 

My first attempt at writing, directing and acting in a project. This is short film about a college professor and his student.  A Romantic comedy.  The Coffee List has been shown at Katra Film Series NYC, Cinema Night Brooklyn and recently the International Film Festival Manhattan.

Coffee List at KatraCoffee List IFFM # 1Coffee List at Katra 3Coffee List IFFM # 3

Coffee List Poster v1

PASSWORD:  getcoffee

In Down & Across I played Robert.  A mail room clerk that’s obsessed with crossword puzzles.  During lunch he over hears a conversation that sends him frantically looking for someone to help him.  This film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011.

Down & Across # 1Down & Across # 3

Down & Across # 5Down & Across # 2

Down & Across # 4Trailer for Down & Across (Cannes 2011)

Down & Across Entire Film (Cannes 2011)

Just Actors Part 6

Just Actors Part 7




SIODMAK 2011 Trailer

Old REEL from 2008

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